About Rebecca

I’ve lived in or visited most of the US and have traveled in Mexico, especially in the Yucatan, and Cuba. I’ve been a working potter, a dancer, and a fabric artist. All of these contribute to my vision as an artist. Line, movement, color, texture and light figure prominently in my work as a photographer and a digital artist.

I create to share the character of the things I see in the world and to express the aspects that draw me to shoot my subject, whether the form and color of a flower, the lines of a classic car or the faded glory of a once grand building. My goal is to show the viewer some of the qualities that are hidden, sometimes in plain site, in the every day world around us. I am especially drawn to details that create a suggestion of the whole, giving me the opportunity to present an image that allows the viewer to build their own story of the larger picture.

I have a broad range of interests, which are reflected in my work. From abstract to landscape and much in between, my work really is an eclectic collection of images from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Originally from the Midwest I now live in the Pacific Northwest where from the coast to the mountains to the desert I find an endless supply of inspiration.

Photography Equipment

Nikon and Mac